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Rabu, 23 Juni 2021

Prawita Genppari At A Glance


Bandung, - Prawita GENPPARI is an association of Indonesian tourism activists or Indonesian Tourism Community. Born with a strong drive to promote tourism, arts and culture and empowering SMEs products to advance Indonesian tourism. As an archipelagic country that has tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia has an extraordinary diversity of tourism potential. Both nature tourism, art and culture tourism, historical tourism, religious tourism, and various other types of tourism. Referring to this fact, Prawita GENPPARI is active in educating and training tourism human resources with various programs, including developing tourist villages throughout the country.

Vision :

Making Indonesian tourism a mainstay sector to increase love for the country and the welfare of the nation

Mission :

1. Identify and map all tourism potentials throughout Indonesia

2. Promote Indonesia tourism to domestic and foreign tourists in a planned, structured and massive manner

3. Develop creativity by organizing events to increase interest and tourism potential

4. Build international networks and cooperation with foreign tourism community, include all stakeholder related to advance the world of tourism

From the Vision and Mission, it is further elaborated on various programs, both internally consolidated to develop organizations and international cooperation to accelerate the process of achieving goals in advancing the world of tourism.

Tourism activities have a multiplier effect in moving the economic sector, ranging from travel agents, transportation, hotels, restaurants, SMEs products, and others. Thus, efforts to promote tourism are essentially oriented towards moving the economy of the community and at the same time prospering the nation.

Basic Concepts of National Tourism Development

1. Productive Tourism : tourism that is oriented towards increasing results productively in various fields so that there is economic value that can be obtained in the future

2. Educational Tours : tours that are oriented to the transfer of knowledge and experience from experts to all participants of educational tours

3. Creative Tourism (Creative Economy) : travel by promoting creativity and innovation so that something that has no value becomes something of value

4. Tourist Attractions: travel with the aim of pleasure and comfort in enjoying various natural beauties

5. Challenge Tour (Special Interest): travel by exploring something challenging and adrenaline-pumping.

International Cooperation

The world of tourism is a field of business that demands international cooperation with all related parties to assist and facilitate the convenience of tourism activities from one place to another, including from one country to another. The world of tourism conveys a lot of messages of peace, security, comfort, cleanliness and friendliness. Thus tourism can accelerate the process of human civilization to be more dignified. (R/er/dfa)

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